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Strange act

May 21, 2006

Isaiah 28:21 For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.

In a nut shell, this passage is referring to God's ultimate destruction of those who DENY Jesus! Why is it called his "strange act"? This is sooooooo very significant! Until God suffered me to endure the unnatural pain caused by having my heart broken by rejection, I could never have understood this! You see, a heart can be broken a number of different ways. The most DEVISTATING of those ways you may believe is by betrayal! As excruciatingly painful as betrayal is, it still falls short of rejection.

Betrayal is the gravest abuse of trust that ends in most cases, causing damage that is irreparable. Still, "it" implies that one is mislead, blinded by a deception they haven't been made to see yet! They are not themselves in betrayal. Those who betray in most cases believe the truth of something false and just do not know it! HOWEVER, that greatly differs from rejection because rejection first, implies a full understanding of the facts in question and then, in light of those facts, THE false way is CHOOSEN! When ALL the info available to make a decision is laid before you, true and false and the false is chosen . . . the truth has been rejected!

How many of you have had a significant other betray you? There are no words that can truly capture the wreck it makes of you. How many of you have been rejected? I don't mean a simple one either . . . though admittedly they ALL hurt . . . Ever try to prove something to another? Whatever "it" was, if they stubbornly refuse to see clear reasoning, their choice, in bold and thundering volumes, speaks of their total dissatisfaction with YOU AND THEIR PREFERENCE for THE OTHER! This hurts, and now you have to stop doing what you trained your heart to do just for them and that's love them. Their choice forces you to stop the thing that brings you the most joy!

Well THIS is what God endures when he's forced to destroy those who he only wanted to love because they choose another. ItŐs strange to stop doing the thing that defines who you are, then to destroy those who were the object of that affection. May we choose God, that we don't force him to do what will break his heart! Doesn't it hurt you to some degree not to shower your former interest with your tenderness . . . well that is just a pinhole understanding of what our creator will have to endure! One person seems to destroy us, God is dealing with a number that can not be calculated AND he gave life to each one. Let's decide NOT to be part of those who will force God's hand in this way . . . this strange way.

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