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Visiting My Second Home

April 15, 2006

When I walked into my aunt and uncleís house last night, the sprightly little black and white dog ran up to me.. Twirling itís long haired body around in delight, he ran in small circles around my feet while I tried very carefully not to squish him.

The last time I had seen my cousinsí dog, Niko, was when he was a puppy. He was probably about half the size that he is now, but itís been a while since Iíve visited.

When I was in college, I would come to New York to see family much more frequently--in fact, this is my home away from my parent's home in South Florida. This time, though, itís been about a year.

When I walked into the living room, I noticed that Nikoís growth wasnít the only thing to change. There was new carpet, new furniture, and even the bathroom had been redone with attractive new tiling and colors. It was different, but comfortable.

There are certain things that havenít changed, though, even with all the renovations. Like how I hear the sound of old time hymns playing in the house early Sabbath morning. Or, how I can smell breakfast sizzling in the kitchen when my aunt calls us to get up. I even know that my cousins are going to dawdle before church, giving me plenty of time to do things like, write this blog for example. :D

I wonder if heaven will kind of be the same way. Things probably wonít look as we imagine them to beótheyíll look even better! Then, even though we might see some unfamiliar things, when we hear our Fatherís voice calling us to worship, everything will suddenly feel right. And in the midst of a strange new world, weíll realize that weíre at home.

- Re: Visiting My Second Home from Philip, June 26, 2006

very nice article. I can't wait to hear the fathers voices calling me to worship and introducing me to Paul and silas and so many other Bible greats. However, the fathers voice will only sound familiar to us if we know it now! Are we truly taking time to hear Gods voice now. Philip - Denver

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