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The T.O. fungus

March 28, 2006

. . . After having stirred things up generally, and torn things to pieces, they had no wisdom to put things together to make matters better. I found that those who were so zealous to tear things down did nothing to build them up in right order. They had the faculty to confuse, distress, and create a most deplorable condition of things, but not the faculty to make them better. Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery & Divorce page 218

T.O., aka Terrill Owens.

I imagine most of you have heard of this "man" and I use the term man, very lightly! He, himself, alone rotted away the chemistry, cohesiveness and character of the Philadelphia Eagles. In one season, this team went from being Super Bowl runner ups to a losing record and missing the playoffs ENTIRELY!!! However, their fall from atop the NFL elite isn't of any real concern to us; but "their fall" is deeply significant, because it's symbolic of the results of the REAL tragedy----broken trust, shattered confidence!

T.O. was all about T.O.. He had no heart. This was the fungus that spread totally out of control and created huge beefs, driving a wedge through the very soul the team. Remember if you can or imagine if you must, having a spouse, b/f, g/f, family member, church member and/or coworkers, who once stood with you and had your back. Gradually, they begin to waver; to show sympathy to the one who falsely accuses you. Remember that partial truth is a full lie and that even truth can be so stated as to cast a false impression. At first this support is subtle, then later its blatant.

How could you function with, live with, work with and pray with, in peace & confidence, those who "say" they are for you, but "simultaneously" stay tight with the very one(s) who falsely accuse you?!?!? This divided loyalty works at best on paper. Problem is, paper doesn't have emotional and psychological dimensions . . . we do and we weren't created to function within such duress and hypocrisy. Sadly, within our homes, relationships, friendships, churches and work places, such tension exist. We are afraid to trust because we are even more afraid to hurt . . . yet without trust, what is there?

Betrayal is the worse of all experiences to endure! I'm not exaggerating. Jesus himself, will for ALL ETERNITY, bare the marks of the result of his betrayal by his onetime closest friend and highest created being Lucifer. T.O. and those infected with that "its all about me" fungus, affect their sympathizers with betrayal! Could it be that our homes, friendships, relationships, churches and/or workplaces were once functioning at an elite level? Were you once happy, enthusiastic, willing, gracious and cheerful? What happened?

Has someone in your circle signed their T.O. for a bargain, hoping he would change for them? Or worse, have you signed him, hoping he would change for you?

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