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Called Out!

March 14, 2006

“Greeaattt, another Ellen G. White study,” I thought when I opened the email.

Jonelle, the president of the Morgan State University SDA group had just emailed a review for the Friday night worship that I was invited to.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Ellen White has some seriously great stuff to say. But when I think of Ellen White, images of ankle length skirts, piety, and the dos and don’ts of Adventism flash before me. I start feeling guilty about my painted toenails and the extra ten minutes I took to tweeze my eyebrows yesterday morning.

When Friday evening arrived, assembled in the Christian Center at Morgan State, we read the passage from Messages to Young People together:

Those who strive to become laborers for God, who seek earnestly to acquire in order to impart, will constantly receive light from God that they may be channels of communication. If, like Daniel, young men and young women will bring all their habits, appetites, and passions into conformity to the requirements of God, they will qualify themselves for higher work. They should put from their minds all that is cheap and frivolous. Nonsense and amusement-loving propensities should be discarded, as out of place in the life and experience of those who are living by faith in the Son of God, eating His flesh and drinking His blood.

The group was silent. "Frivolous?" "Nonsense?" “Amusement-loving propensities?”

How much time did you just spend watching TV? Playing a computer game? Reading your friends’ blog? Gossiping about that girl at school? You’re not the only one! Which is precisely why we were all sitting there in silence.

The fact is that we all waste some amount of time on well…EGW said it best: nonsense. After reading that passage, I was reminded of how disappointed God must be when we squander the opportunites he has given to us in favor of doing things like, playing XBox 360. I decided to make a determined effort to be more productive so that I can “qualify myself for higher work.”

Does this passage apply to you too? If so, what are you going to do about it!

- Re: Called Out! from Shayna Bailey, March 30, 2006

Hey Jaclyn,For me, making a schedule (and sticking with it!) helps a lot. If you factor in time for fun stuff like an hour of TV after school/work or fifteen minutes for email in the morning, you'll be more efficient in finishing your work without depriving yourself of needed relaxation activities. Writing everything down in a day planner or calendar (if you don't already) can also help you be more productive, because you'll be able to prioritize accordingly and to avoid last-minute rushing.

- Re: Called Out! from Jaclyn Frani, March 25, 2006

Hi Shayna! This is true. I believe that we all have gifts that come from God that must be developed to do His will. It is difficult to not get distracted today. What can I do to become more productive?

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