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its just their culture

March 9, 2006

Those who put their trust in Christ are not to be enslaved by any hereditary or cultivated habit or tendency. Instead of being held in bondage to the lower nature, they are to rule every appetite and passion. God has not left us to battle with evil in our own finite strength. Whatever may be our inherited or cultivated tendencies to wrong, we can overcome through the power that He is ready to impart.

Counsels on Health, page 440, paragraph 1

Have you ever heard anyone try to justify shady behavior based on where a person is from?!?!? For example, some people are from cultures that are more abrupt than others. They tend to speak with a passion that is fueled with sharpness and not concerned with tact. Some cultures are more flirty than others. They dress and carry on in ways that leave the door open for less than innocent suggestions. Other cultures are very male dominate and what might be considered harsh treatment of women to some, is nothing more than men being men. Some cultures have a more subdued way of worshipping God, others, more expressive. These examples can go on and on. The big question I'd like to raise is this, does culture have the mastery over faith or faith over culture?

This is a HUGE question for us to consider! The way I understand faith, it transforms the believers to reflect the culture of heaven! With God it is said that he IS NOT a respecter of persons. That is to say, he doesn't show ANY preferences. Doesn't it stand to reason that he makes no cultural preferences as well? So often I hear choices made and attitudes taken, that are iffy at best written off or excused due a persons culture. This absolutely amazes me! As if culture is a justifiable reason for rudeness, sharpness or any other behavior that isn't Christ like.

We are counseled by scripture to develop the mind of Christ. This mind is a culture in and of itself, that transcends all and every earthly culture. The mind of Christ is a heavenly culture that transforms ALL who submit to it to citizens of a new country. A country with new and far superior ways of living. Its a country that cultivates a culture firmly rooted in unity, fairness and sympathy for all. NO culture down here can claim that . . . NO NOT ONE.

So please, stop if you are, claiming the right to do that which isn't just according to the culture of heaven. If our actions, words and/or their suggestions: injure, disgrace, belittle, embarrass or cripple, it isn't of heaven.

The culture we all should strive to embody is this : Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. Romans 12:10

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