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The Tools of the Trade

February 17, 2006

If you’re living in your first apartment already or even just thinking about it, you’re well acquainted with the joys of furniture acquisition. Finding pieces of the right size, cost, appearance—and then, dragging the heavy stuff up to your new pad! It can be as exhausting as it is exciting!

Well, I tried to think of something more entertaining to write about, but hauling furniture has taken up most of my nights this week. The good news? I'm done!

Yesterday afternoon, I kind of wandered around aimlessly at the sight. A microsuede sofa facing the coffee table in the living room, a cherry stained dining room set across from the kitchen, and finally a TV stand in the corner! I had been getting by with the bare essentials for far too long!

See, all of the furniture in the apartment is a tool for living. Each piece has its specific purpose. With a missing element, you end up doing things like eating spaghetti sitting on your white down comforter or trying not to spill sauce on the couch fabric. Both are bad ideas and unnecessary once you have a dining table to sit at.

Similarly, your Bible, your Cornerstone or CQ, and even your Insight are all tools for spiritual living. Without one, you’re more likely to neglect picking up the others. More importantly, once you have all of these valuable items in your possession, why would you let them go to waste? It would be like me plopping my laptop down on the floor to write this with my desk sitting empty a few feet away. It just doesn’t make sense.

This week, take advantage of all of the tools at your disposal! Read your Insight (and no, reading this does not count), study your Sabbath School lesson, and crack open that Bible. Make the most of your spiritual living!

- Re: The Tools of the Trade from Sue, January 3, 2008

i agree thanks

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