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Once saved, always . . . .

December 29, 2005

What is this idea really? In its simplest terms, it means that once or from the moment you "accept" Jesus, you are guaranteed eternal life. This is an evangelical teaching; which means, that all one has to do is believe to be saved.

Evangelicals believe that EVERYTHING was absolutely completed at the cross. This is a very subtle but far reaching distortion that actually undermines all that Jesus taught and made possible at the cross.

This idea of "being saved" is taught through suggestion to us today. It's not necessarily verbalized directly, but is in principal kept before us. When you repeatedly hear that Jesus: paid it all, died to save you from your sins, loved you so much that he died in your place, accepts you as you are, offers continual forgiveness for your sins, loves you no matter what and the like . . . to the EXCLUSION of Jesus providing VICTORY over sin by means of his graces listed above, you have being taught----a once saved, always saved message!

This is so deceptively dangerous because it promotes a sin and live mentality. This indirectly teaches that once Jesus is accepted, his forgiveness is constantly applied to our continual wrong doing (sin). Evangelicals do not believe that the cross provides victory over sin, only forgiveness. This is a sad misconception for ANYBODY who believes and or teaches this. Jesus didn't have to die to provide forgiveness. He was already in the process of forgiving sin from the time he spared Adam and Eve. Jesus gave his life for a few different reasons: to show the UNCHANGING nature of the law (which requires the life of the guilty), to show it is possible to be perfectly obedient to the law until death, to take this world back from Satan, to show the final end of those who DO NOT maintain the victory over sin his life provides and finally as a substitute for all those who do accept him (though we accept him, our sins MUST still be paid for).

If once saved always saved was a truth, sin would never have existed. Because Lucifer was not made sinful! He chose to sin! The fact that he had a decision to make proves beyond ALL doubt and argument that once for Jesus, always for Jesus is wrong. Lucifer was once for Jesus and if once saved always saved was a truth, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to go against him. Our decision for Jesus today does not mean a choice for him tomorrow. It would be WONDERFUL if it did . . . believe me, but it doesn't work that way.

We must eat our daily bread daily. The food we ate yesterday does not sustain us today. We need new fuel, new energy. If its true physically, is it not so spiritually. We can not live off of yesterday's victories. Each day we are face to face with new and stronger temptations to overcome.

None are forever victorious after just one battle in the this war.

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