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Ready or Not . . .

September 8, 2005

I don't know about you guys, but this week I'm tired. Tired of bad news, of freak monster storms that devastate entire regions leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and possibly thousands more dead. Tired of paying more for a gallon of gas than for lunch at Taco Bell. Tired of political finger pointing. Tired of war, death, pollution and corruption, of people doing and saying horrible things in the name of God. I'm tired of a world where the unbelievable becomes reality. I want Jesus to come.

That hasn't always been the case. There was a time (a very long time, actually) when I was terrified of the idea. To be honest, I still struggle with it at times (am I really ready?).

While there is much beauty, kindness and goodness left here on earth, I'm ready to leave it behind to be with Jesus. I want Him to give me a personal tour of heaven. I want to see Him smile and feel His arms wrapped around me in a big bear hug. To rest my head on His shoulder and hear Him laugh, to see the twinkle in His eye when He tells me how much He loves me and how happy He is that I'm there. To experience perfect peace.

In the meantime, Iím asking Him to help me to do all the good I can and not just sit around twiddling my thumbs. To help me to remember that His coming is a good thing, and not something to fear.

How about you? How do you feel when you think of Jesusí 2nd coming? If youíre like me sometimes, itís like I put my hands over my ears, squinch my eyes shut and yell, ďLALALALALALALA!Ē. Know what, though? That doesnít make it any less real. It doesnít make the reality of it go away.

Iím not trying to scare you, just make you think. How are you spending your time waiting? Are you ready?

- Re: Ready or Not. . . from Vicki Redden, September 12, 2005

Hi Darnisha--

I think it's pretty much human nature to be anxious about the unknown--especially when it's as big a deal as this! But you're right--God will be there for you--and me--and all of us. Check out your Bible and see how many times God says "Do not be afraid" to people. He's got our back :).

I read a great quote once that said something to the effect that we should focus less on WHAT is coming and focus more on WHO is coming. That's what's really important.

I think it's good to be reminded that there's more to this life than, well, this life, and to take time for the truly important stuff like spending time with God. If we're on His side, there's nothing to fear!

- Re: Ready or Not . . . from Darnisha, September 8, 2005

There had been some times that I wanted to just cover my ears at church and at school when it comes to the discussion of the last days.To tell you the truth I am scared. but I know that God would be there for me.

- Re: Ready or Not . . . from Tomaspablo, September 8, 2005

More for a gallon of gas than lunch at TB? Hear, hear! It just goes against the natural order of things . . . Of course, I remember when bean burritos used to be a mere 59 cents. And whatever happened to the Extreme Nachos? Those were great. And the two bean burritos and medium drink combo meal--how come they cancelled that bargain?

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