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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Insight's mission is to reach the full spectrum of Seventh-day Adventist teenagers with a magazine that helps them grow in a friendship with God; solve life's problems; choose positive Christian values and principles to live by; provide an Internet forum for discussion and interaction with other SDA teens. These goals will be met through editorials, true dramatic stories, readers' letters, devotionals, and advice columns.

Meet the Editor


In 1852 a man named James White started a magazine called The Youth's Instructor (they liked to-the-point names back then). The YI sailed along for 118 years until the Adventist Church replaced it with something fresh--Insight. Since 1970 Insight has given teens spiritual encouragement and inspiration.

Back in the seventies, Insight had a lot of guitars on its covers. Nowadays we always feature teens who are making a difference for God. What's inside Insight, then and now? Stories to help you grow close to God. Answers to your deepest questions. Christian principles to guide you. Solutions to life's problems. And the best articles money can buy.

At Insight we emphasize teens making positive, God-centered choices. We introduce you to teens who make stuff happen in their lives, families, churches, and communities. Our regular columns, including All About Love and On the Case, answer what's on your mind about God, life, and relationships.

Insight is more than just a magazine--it's a ministry. We encourage teens to get involved for the gospel. Not only do we talk about teens serving God, we provide a way. In 1990 we sponsored what would become the Ultimate Workout, an annual short-term mission trip. Since then more than 1000 teens have sweated, bonded, troweled, mortar-mixed, and given their all for a closer walk with God. See the Ultimate Workout Fiesta section for the scoop on that.

Want 52 Insights a year for your Sabbath school, or even all to yourself? Call 1-800-456-3991 and we'll hook you up.


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